Identity Assurance Platform

Financial services are changing. Traditional banks need to change if they are to win the battle for today’s digital-first consumer. If banks fail to address the pain caused by off-line or complex on-boarding processes, customers, revenue, reputation and market position will be sacrificed.

In the digital-first economy, government agencies, financial institutions and other regulated businesses requires secure ways to authenticate users and customers.

The Signicat platform can seamlessly integrate with your existing platforms and channels to significantly improve your customer aquisition and on-boarding processes. Customers can access your digital services easily and securely using the widest possible range of national or public Digital IDs, via web, mobile app, SMS, or email. Signicat delivers a wide range of authentication methods with a seamless integration to your services - providing the flexibility to tailor-fit your authentication process for all your different business requirements and use cases.

International Identity Resources

Signicat provides banks and financial service organisations with a highly flexible cloud-based Digital Identity Assurance solution. Unlike other standardised ID processing procedures, Signicat uniquely accesses a full range of identity depositories, spanning governmental, bank, business and social networks, providing the highest possible levels of validation and customer profile data.

With Signicat, service providers can leverage customer credentials to deepen service engagement, transforming identity from a compliance obligation to a  business asset. Going far beyond compliance assurance, Signicat facilitates new customer acquisition, rich service engagement and growing revenue and market share. Is your organisation ready to win the battle to on-board?

Financial Transaction Fulfilment

As more business is conducted online, the need for adding digital signatures to documents increases. Signicat provides an integrated and flexible solution for adding electronic signatures to digital documents, enabling streamlined transaction fulfilment.

When the document is signed, it contains information about who signed the document, when the signature was added, that the signature was valid when the document was signed. It can later be verified that the document has not been modified after it was signed. All of this information is stored in the document and can later be used as legal evidence, as well as for non-repudiation.

Signicat delivers an online electronic signing service that is fast and easy to use. It allows users to sign multiple documents, to upload own their documents and add additional information that is integrated with the signed documents.

Signicat's signing service is fully integrated into the Digital Identity validation solution - saving organisations time and money by automating previously manual processes and increasing self-service capability and tranaction fulfilment.

One-Stop Solution for your Digital ID Requirements

From Identification, e-Signing and transaction completion, Signicat is your one-stop solution for all your Digital ID requirements. This can also include the secure storage the electronically Signed documents for future reference and validation.

Signicat archives documents in a secure way, ensures the sealing of electronic signatures and serve as a Time Stamping Authority. As businesses get more dependent on electronic documents with sensitive data and electronic signatures, it is important to ensure that the documents are securely stored and re-sealed when the signature algorithms used are no longer secure, or when keys are compromized.

With Signicat your documents stay protected, unmodified and valid in the future. Signicat’s customers range from big banks and government agencies to small and medium sized businesses who all trust Signicat with the responsibility of preserving business critical information.