The digital customer demands a user-friendly
and efficient online ON-BOARDING service 

The Digital Identity Challenge

The way we consume media, access the news, shop and make payments has changed irrevocably over the past decade. For most consumers, the expectation of a frictionless transaction using a mobile or wearable device is the new normal.

Today’s digital-first economy provides sizable growth opportunities for banks and financial services providers - it also presents significant challenges for organisations with customer on-boarding systems stuck in the pre-digital era.

Poor on-boarding processes are undermining the ability of Banks to attract new consumers and deepen their engagement with existing customers. A recent major survey of over 2000 industry professionals by Signicat revealed that 40% of consumers have abandoned digital bank and financial service applications due to the complexity involved or the diversion to lengthy off-line processes. And the abandonment rate is increasing.

The Signicat Digital ID Solution

Signicat is a market leader in the provision of Digital Identity Assurance Services providing regulated markets with the ability to create mutual trust with on-line customers, enabling frictionless digital customer on-boarding. Processing over 100 million digital identity service validations each year, the Signicat platform provides a uniquely versatile ID validation solution with cross-border coverage fully integrated into all of your business processes.

Unlike standardised online Signing or ID systems, the Signicat platform connects to a full spectrum of Government, Financial, Mobile & Social ID depositories to deliver rich and verifiable customer validation and contractually binding on-line agreements.
enabling frictionless digital customer on-boarding
Comprehensive Digital Identity services, with on-boarding assurance, rich ID source integration,
face & biometric validation and legally-binding eSignatures.